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Regency Romance Podcast
EXPLICIT Warning: may contain traces of nuts and other steamy/anatomical content and/or choice language.
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♥ Season 01 Episode 01 Hell's Belle by Annabelle Anders ♥

A deluxe sample of Hell's Belle (Devilish Debutantes, Book 3), and interview with Historical Romance author and olympic medalist in speeding-ticket evasion, Annabelle Anders.
Hosted, edited, etc. by Tessa Candle.

Book author: Annabelle Anders
Book narrator: Mary Sarah
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A Bespectacled Bluestocking, A Clueless Rake and a mad dash to Gretna Green

Miss Emily Goodnight – who cannot see a thing without her blasted spectacles – is raising the art of meddling to new heights. Why leave her future in the hands of fate when she’s perfectly capable of managing it herself?

The Earl of Blakely, London’s most unattainable bachelor, finds Miss Goodnight’s schemes nearly as intriguing as the curves hidden beneath her frumpy gowns. Secure in his independence, he's focussed on one thing only: evading this father's manipulating ways.

Hell’s Belle Indeed – What with all the cheating at parlor games, trysts in dark closets, and cases of mistaken identity, complications arise. Because fate has limits. And when it comes to love and the secrets of the past, there’s only so much twisting one English Miss can get away with…

Hell’s Belle is the third book in the Devil’s Debutantes Series but can also be read as a standalone novel. It has been nominated for Best Historical Short Novel as a finalist in RWA's Distinguished 2019 Rita © Awards.

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♥ Season 01 Episode 02 Flaming June by Emma V. Leech ♥

A deluxe sample of Flaming June (Rogues and Gentlemen Book 10), and interview with Historical Romance author and world-renowned crazy cat lady, Emma V. Leech.
Hosted, edited, etc. by Tessa Candle.

Book author: Emma V. Leech
Book narrator: Phillip Battley
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When the beautiful Lady Isabella Scranford finds herself in the family way and her lover refuses to do the honorable thing, she knows her life is at an end. With a reputation for being a cold-hearted bitch, there will be no sympathy for her, only shame and ridicule. Finding that even her best - and only - friend refuses to be associated with her any longer, Isabella decides she cannot go on and makes a fateful decision.

Henry Barbour is known locally as the Bear of Barcham Wood. Living alone in the vast and decaying splendor of Barcham Place, surrounded by wilderness and woodland, he inspires such tales of madness that no one locally will go near the once grand house.

When a filthy and frightening man rescues Isabella from drowning, she begins to believe her fate has taken an even darker turn. Yet appearances can be deceptive, and an unlikely bond is created between two damaged souls who need to hide from the world.

As Isabella comes to understand the meaning of compassion, she begins to realize the most important things in life are not at all what she expected them to be.

Flaming June listed in the top 20 from over 6000 entrants in the AMAZON UK Kindle Storyteller Awards 2018 "Romance Reads You Can't Miss".

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This story blew me away. I have never gone back and bought a book I've read through the Unlimited program before. My reading material is vast, from politics to history to mysteries to Booker Man and Novel Prize books and the classics, and in between it all I read romance novels. I've read thousands in my lifetime and this was a wonderful and simply remarkable book.” ~ Amazon customer review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This book had all the components of a fantastic read. Imperfect people which made them perfect characters. Great storyline, details flushed out. No loose ends which I highly appreciate. A complete book with a worthy epilogue.” ~ Amazon customer review

**** Warning: This book contains a careful selection of quiet determination, resolute tight-lipped-ness and (almost) insurmountable levels of tension. Although coupled with the presence of occasionally descriptive sexual encounters, we are very pleased to highlight that this book - and series - is in no way verging on erotica. ****

The Rogues & Gentlemen series can be enjoyed as stand-alone regency romance and historical romance novels, or as part of the wider series. If the full series appeals, the suggested – but by no means essential - reading order would be:
•Book 1: The Rogue
•Book 2: The Earl's Temptation
•Book 3: Scandal's Daughter
•Book 4: The Devil May Care
•Book 5: Nearly Ruining Mr Russell
•Book 6: One Wicked Winter
•Book 7: To Tame a Savage Heart
•Book 8: Persuading Patience
•Book 9: The Last Man in London
•Book 10: Flaming June
•Book 11: Charity and The Devil
•Book 12: A Slight Indiscretion
•Book 13: The Corinthian Duke
•Book 14: The Blackest of Hearts
•Book 15: Duke and Duplicity
Happy reading! And please do leave a review if you can – it would mean the world to hear what you enjoyed most about the book.

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♥ Season 01 Episode 03 The Ice Queen by Sasha Cottman

Mild Content warning for this episode.
We speak briefly about the issue of consent in sex scenes, which we both think is important. Although I refer somewhat lightly to past eras when consent was (to put it mildly) not a revered part of the romance genre, I would like to assure you that I am not in the least glib about the topic. But if you are highly sensitive, maybe turn down the volume for that part (from about 30:20 to 31:37).♥ OK, that’s all the serious stuff. :)

A deluxe sample of The Ice Queen (Duke of Strathmore, Book 7), and interview with Historical Romance author and wrangler of fearsome man-eating house cats, Sasha Cottman.
Hosted, edited, etc. by Tessa Candle.

Book author: Sasha Cottman
Book narrator: Janine Haynes
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For Caroline Saunders, beauty is a curse. Everywhere she goes, she is surrounded by men who worship her. But Caroline knows none of them could ever love her just for herself.

She treats her court of suitors with cool disdain, gaining herself the title of the Ice Queen.

After an ugly altercation with an insistent suitor, Caroline decides it is time to escape the crowded ballrooms of London.

With a heart scarred by his parent’s disastrous marriage Julian Palmer, Earl Newhall has been in no particular hurry to take on a wife. But men with titles need heirs.

He reluctantly agrees to allow his aunt to arrange a week-long party at his Derbyshire estate. A handpicked group of eligible young women and their chaperones will be in attendance.

When a sudden heavy snowstorm stops all but one carriage from making the journey to Newhall Castle, Julian decides he should make the best of a bad situation.

However, matters turn from bad to worse when he discovers that it is Caroline Saunders who has arrived wet and freezing cold on his doorstep in the middle of the night.

The Ice Queen is the one woman in all of London society, he knows he could never be prevailed upon to marry, let alone love.

But when Newhall Castle becomes Caroline’s only place of sanctuary, Julian quickly discovers that beneath her icy demeanor there beats a passionate heart.

Two stubborn souls come together in this beautiful tale of enemies to lovers.

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♥ Season 01 Episode 04 The Charity of a Viscount by Linda Rae Sande

A deluxe sample of The Charity of a Viscount (The Widowers of the Aristocracy, Book 4), and interview with Historical Romance author, and ancient Greece enthusiast, Linda Rae Sande.
Hosted, edited, etc. by Tessa Candle.

Book author: Linda Rae Sande
FREE E-book mentioned in this episode:
Book narrator: Michael Troughton
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What is real and what is fiction when it comes to Marcus Lancaster's life?

An overactive imagination has never been too much of a problem for the viscount. It comes in handy during boring sessions of parliament and keeps the widower entertained on lonely nights when there are no events to attend. Now that his daughter is making her come-out, he is looking to remarry and has set his cap on a widowed countess.

Charity, Countess of Wadsworth, is relieved to be widowed and has no intention of finding another husband - except for others. She has just accepted an offer to become the matchmaker at the charity, "Finding Wives for the Wounded".

Until Lancaster makes a comment about having spent an evening in the gardens with her, Charity has no idea she's a major player in the viscount's daydreams. Her only interaction with him was a waltz! So just how much has this man imagined? He seems to know far too much - including her secret wish. And does he realize it's not about to become reality?

Or is it?

The lines between dreams and real life are about to become blurry in The Charity of a Viscount.

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♥ Season 01 Episode 05 December Heart by Merry Farmer

A deluxe sample of December Heart (The Silver Foxes of Westminster, Book 1), and interview with Historical Romance author, Merry Farmer.
Hosted, edited, etc. by Tessa Candle (signup for the podcast newsletter).

Book author/narrator: Merry Farmer

Check out Merry's new ebook/print release, The Road to Scandal is Paved with Wicked Intentions on Amazon

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At twenty-seven years old, Mariah Travers has become what she most feared—a spinster and a perpetual adolescent in the eyes of her family and the law. But her fortunes change when her father announces that he has promised her hand in marriage to an old friend and colleague in the House of Lords. Lord Peter deVere, Earl of Dunsford, is not at all who Mariah imagined marrying, but she is willing to take a chance on the older man in order to gain the freedom that only married women are allowed.

After a tragic marriage that stretched on for two decades, Peter is hesitant to marry again. But he needs an heir, or else his dastardly nephew, Lord William, will inherit everything he’s worked his entire life to build. But when he meets Mariah, sparks fly that neither of them expected. Their unlikely match stands a chance of giving each of them all the things they never realized they needed.

But trouble abounds when the mine that has provided Peter with his fortune is exhausted and the search for new veins of copper begins. On top of that, Lord William isn’t about to stand by and watch his inheritance disappear. His efforts to drive a wedge between Peter and Mariah cause havoc and heartbreak at Starcross Castle, which will take an act of heroic devotion to overcome as Peter sets out to prove that true love is ageless.

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