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99 cent releases Apr 2!

Here are the current recommendations from the Reader Group:

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Tessa's Picks

New Releases from K.J. Jackson and Sasha Cottman, and a new 3-book Box set From Tamara Gill!

Freeby from Beverley Oakley

This 99 cent pre-order from Scarlett Scott releases in early March!

99 cent bargains from Caroline Linden and Susanna Craig

99 cents
Duke of Depravity by Scarlett Scott and The Haunting of a Duke by Chasity Bowlin are both 99c!

This Tessa Dare novella is FREE!

Roguishness runs in families, and with a name like Cynster, who could expect anything less than a pack of rakes? Yet there are some ladies who are ready to reform these scoundrels, but not without a bit of trouble...

Book 1 Devil vs. Honoria. What happens when Devil suprises everyone and offers to marry a mere governess to save her reputation?

Book 2 Vane vs. Patience. One is dodging marriage and the other is dodging love. But looking over your shoulder sometimes means running smack into the very thing you thought you were running from.

Book 3 Richard vs. Catrina. He has plans to tame the shrew, but who will ended up taming who(m)?

Book 4 Demon vs. Felicity. The country chit has grown into a woman, and she has an agenda. Will passion be enough for her? Can he prevent himself from being reformed by love, like his brothers before him?

Celeste's Picks

Celeste recommends this whole 3-book Regency series!

Celeste loved this one too, but warns that is is set in Vienna, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea (or plate of schnitzle).

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