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Hello again!
As we near the end of June, business owners everywhere are rudely reminded of one of life's great certainties: taxes. I think you are well aware of how horribly this season corrodes the soul :O

Never mind the C-19 word: the true plague is filling out pointlessly complex and horrid forms (designed by people who were too sadistic and twisted to be permitted a regular job in a government bureaucracy). But tell us how you really feel, Tessa. :D

However, the Duke & Duchess have been kindly fetching me glasses of "taxes medicine" and generally being sweet. They too have their crosses to bear: Mr. Candle is back at the office now, so they have to survive the long daily waits until he comes home. I hear a lot of heavy dog-sighs. :)

In other news, we borrowed the Duke & Duchess' "lawn kayaks" and (reasoning that they might actually work on water too) we took them out on the inlet. It was lovely, and the water was clear and shallow enough that we could see all the little water critters doing their crittery things. Lots of crabs and clams, and I think I even saw a fish--not as big as the "lawn salmon" that the Duke caught last month, but he has special powers.

Anyway, except for (shudder) taxes, all is well here, as I hope it is also for you and your loved ones. And despite the horrors of income tax forms, I have taken the time to put all my books into wide distribution again. So if you have been waiting for that, now is your chance.

I also found the strength to do a bit more in this newsletter, as well as including some goodies from our old pal, Eris, the Word Nerd. Naturally the Duke & Duchess make their appearance, too...

In this edition of Tessa Candle Updates: Regency Romance Podcast is live; Word Nerd Fun; Book Bargains & Recommendations; Duke & Duchess Cuteness.

Regency Romance Podcast is live

I realize that you may not be deeply into podcasts, but this one is made especially for people who love Regency/Victorian/Georgian Romance (with some steam). I just released the first episode, and it features a fun interview with Annabelle Anders and a deluxe sample from her audiobook, Hell's Belle, which is a bluestocking vs. rake scenario. The narrator has a really intriguing voice and a delightful English accent.

In the upcoming episode, (so exciting) I talk to Emma V. Leech about her writing and her life, including her secret existence as a personal slave to multiple cat overlords (you know how it is with cats).

The audiobook sample is extra long and is from Flaming June, which is an intriguing twist on the Beauty and the Beast trope.

Emma is charming and has an authentic English accent. Plus, you should see her narrator 8} Yowza! And he has a sexy voice too. That should be coming out this Friday, so watch for it.

In the meantime, here is a little trailer to introduce the podcast and get you started...

And you can find all the podcasts here:

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Word Nerd Fun

For your lexicology-geeking pleasure, once again the lovely Eris, our Word Nerd in residence, has come through for us with these ego-thrashing aspersions! Highly useful for those moments when you really need to tell off a Duke :D Thank you again, Eris! You rock!

Ninnyhammer: fool.
Bedswerver: cheater.
Smellfungus: fault finder.
Fopdooble: stupid fellow.
Rakefire: houseguest from Hell.

In a sentence: I hate to be a smellfungus, Your Grace, but I cannot help remarking that you are a fopdooble and a bedswerver, and I would rather share my sheets with any other rakefire than suffer a ninnyhammer like you.

(*But this is romance, so we will still get together in the end, after you have learned your lesson.)

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Free Books, Bargains and New Releases!
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Yippie!)

New Release from Scarlett Scott! This one comes complete with a poison-penned heroine and rake lord bent on a payback seduction. Both are driven by a lust for revenge...or is it just lust? Lady Ruthless is the beginning of Scarlett's new Notorious Ladies of London series, and it kicks things off with a bang!

Looking for a Medieval Highland fling? A new release from Caroline Lee and a pre-order from Celeste Barclay...

99 cent deal from Maddison Michaels! (Hey, it's only 6 months until Christmas--never too early to start shopping for Christmas Novellas.)

Free box set from Wendy Vella!

Aaaaaannnd hurry! This is the last day to get in on this amazing treasure trove of free books and chance to win a $250 gift card

Check it out!

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Duke & Duchess Cuteness

As I said, the Duke & Duchess have been doing a lot of support work during the taxes plague...

Don't worry, their tribulations are over now. :) However, as we have just paid all our taxes, and they have a swimming pool, I think we can say that our dogs are officially richer than us!

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And farewell to June! I hope your month has been better than mine :) Take excellent care of yourself and your loved ones, stay well, and may we all have a July full of jubilation!

Your faithful friend in every if-this-is-the-real-Lord-Fauxhall-who-did-I-just-marry? emergency,

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