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Hello again!

I hope your October has been joyful and not at all scary, and you are now enjoying some well earned treats. 😋

As I mentioned in the email, we got our treat early and are now passing him off as Duchess' birthday present, which is a shoddy trick, I admit. But look how cute he is! Only sometimes he just looks way too sombre and thoughtful for a puppy:

But despite our cheating the Duchess out of a proper birthday gift, she seems to really like the youngster, and hardly beats him up at all, as you will see...

In this edition of Tessa Candle Updates: 3D Cuteness.

3D Cuteness

Now, one never knows, when one brings home a new furry beast, how the exisiting furry beasts will receive him. But we got lucky. Both Damsel and Duchess seemed to really take a shining to the little guy, and they are rarely mean to him, even when he kinda has it coming.

Damsel has not been able to go for longer walks, but Duchess has been patiently showing the new kid the ropes when they go out for ambles and rambles.

I know the little guy is his own person, and we are not trying to replace the Duke, but every once in a while he does something that makes my heart twinge with the memory of the old furry gentleman. It is quite uncanny.

I think he has settled in very well. And although he tries to be a very good, well behaved little lad, he is not always serious. He smiles more and more each day. Often he is a totally gormless, tongue lolling, full on silly puppy. And we adore him!

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Well, that's it for another month. I will let you know next time what name we have decided on for the new D. In the meantime, onward to the month of thankfulness and feasting. I wish you a peaceful, homey, restorative and delicious time with your loved ones in November.

Your faithful friend in every Ack!-I-borrowed-the-wrong-book-from-Lord-Surly's-secret-reading-room-and-now-I-have-to-sneak-back-in-to-return-this-naughty-novel! emergency,

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