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Hello again!
Welcome to the end of March, 2020: here are your massive e-hugs and a box of your favourite chocolates. ♥ ♥ You made it this far! ♥ ♥ Well done! It has been a heck of a month here, as I am sure it has been for you. True, we are facing some difficult times, but with love, caring for others, and grace, I know we will make it through. I truly believe that. A little humour helps too :) So my hope with this Update is to bring you some cheer and laughter. You deserve it!

I have spent this month being very thankful for my loved ones (including the furry variety), and focusing on the blessing of being able to spend a lot more time with my husband and fur babies. I am letting myself go and have decided to give up washing my hair for Lent :)

My darkest confession is that I have been pretty distracted this month, so I have not made much progess on Book 6. But I will get back on the horse and finish it. I will!

In the meantime, the Duke & Duchess have a very important Public Service Announcement for the humans. I did not have the heart to show them this human PSA for the Samoyeds:

(Again, I could not find out the originator of this meme, or I would have cited/attributed and linked back. The original photo might be from here:

Oh, and one more thing: all the Parvenues & Paramours series is now in Kindle Unlimited. So for all you KU readers looking for binge-reading material, enjoy! :D

But now I am sure you are eager to hear the Duke & Duchess' message :) so let's get on with the show...

In this edition of Tessa Candle Updates (remember these are all clickable hyperlinks): New Cover for Parvenues & Paramours Book 1; Raffle for $15 Amazon Gift Card! ; Book Bargains & Recommendations; Duke & Duchess Cuteness.

A new Cover for Parvenues & Paramours Book 1

Book 1 is getting a new cover to brighten it up and make it better match the other books in the series. I know it isn't super exciting news, but I did not want you to see the new cover and think it was a new release. Just a new cover, so don't go trying to buy it twice :D I am still applying a final polish, but it should look something like this:

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Raffle for $15 Amazon Gift Card

I wanted to do something nice, and I figure you might possibly be buying some groceries from these days, so a gift card could come in handy. Amazon: not just for books, anymore. :) Note: if you have some Amazon shopping to do, please click on one of my affiliate book links first--doesn't cost you anything, but it helps fund the raffles :D I know it is just a little thing, but it makes me feel like we are taking care of each other within the community.

But I digress... No skill testing question in this one, so anyone can enter to win a $15 gift card!

Please do go enter: my raffles have had so few entries, your odds are really pretty good :)

Go read the rules and find out how to enter (it's easy) here:

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Free Books and New Releases!
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Yippie!)

New Releases from Scarlett Scott (KU) and Ellie St. Clair (KU)

FREE books from Sasha Cottman, Beverley Oakley, and Victoria Vale:

All non-Amazon links

All non-Amazon links

All non-Amazon links

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Duke & Duchess Cuteness

The Duke & Duchess felt it was irresponsible of me not to send the obligatory "here's what I am doing" response email. However, I am standing firm. After all, "drinking boxed wine directly from the spout" is hardly the kind of inspirational "response" people are looking for. So the Duke & Duchess have taken matters into their own paws...

Here is their Public Service Announcement...

Tip 1: Eat lots of green leafy veggies.

Tip 2: Take your dogs for walks and pick wild garlic, or "Ramson". It is delicious and very healthy.
Hint: the stuff next to the dog path has extra "vitamins".

Tip 3: Meditation is good for your immune system, and helps you to remain calm, joyful and positive.

Tip 4: Share your social distancing with someone you love.

Tip 5: Nevermind the toilet paper: guard the fridge.

Tip 6: The microbes on your skin and fur are a natural defense against foreign pathogens. Boost your immunity by rolling in something truly putrid.

Tip 7: Dog dirt is good for the humans. Don't bathe your dogs... matter how cute we look in the tub. Skip the bath and go straight to the treat.

Tip 8: Take naps. Also stay in love (it's good for the humans' health) and make sure your loved ones know you love them. Hint: nothing says I love you like pâté and delicious chicken things.

They're not doctors, only dogters but you know, the Duke & Duchess might have a point :)

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And so we bid adieu to March! Your mission for next month is, as the Duke & Duchess say, to take extra good care of yourself. :) I am so thankful for you, and I am sending blessings and hugs your way. Stay well and stay positive as we move forward to an affirming April!

Your faithful friend in every is-that-the-faithless-Duke-of-Doubletime-climbing-out-of-Lady-Loosefarthing's-window?-well-I-never! emergency,

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