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Hello again!
Well, I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones flourishing and finding many silver linings. I must say that there have been too few clouds here to search them for silver threads. The April weather has been strangely beautiful, for all that it has been such a surreal month. We have only had maybe 4 days that were not fantastically, magically sunny and gorgeous.

So I been making hay while the sun shines, as my dad used to say...

working on our woodpile (with a little help from my friends),

getting my greenhouse mojo working,

and painting the deck (got it done before the cherry tree did its annual confetti supernova).

You knew I would say that, because you recall all the deck projects from previous years. But this year we had super fancy base coat stuff to put down, so all 4 sections of the wrap-around bird poop receptical have had no less than 3 washes, 1 algae treatment (2 in some places), a sanding, a vacuuming, and 4 coats of base/stain. Phew!

Now it is all pretty and ready for the blackbirds, magpies and wood pigeons to abuse it like a carnival port-a-pottie :/ Have you noticed what a twisted sense of humour birds have?

Anyway, I have also done some writing (hooray!). I am trying to stay positive, but it is slow going with my current mindset. However it is going. I think the main thing that is hard about Book 6 is finally sorting out that Red Martha character. You know what I mean. ;)

You will also be happy to know that, as Lent is over, I have even washed my hair a few times :D I am calling that a self-improvement project. The Duke and Duchess have also been busy with self-improvement, and I know you are eager to hear about them (in fact, that's really all there is to this Update), so let's get this party started...

In this edition of Tessa Candle Updates: Duke & Duchess Cuteness.

Duke & Duchess Cuteness

The Duke & Duchess have been feeling the economic crunch (times are hard for the nobility, you know) so they have each decided to fill their extra time with self-improvement/side hussles...

The Duke has been hoping to expand his consultency business and get some government gigs by buffing up his Economics game.

He reckons he is quite the intellectual now.

The Duchess has decided to try stand-up comedy.

Awwwwe, it was funny, Duchess. Don't feel bad. Duke's sense of humour has just been cooked by too much economics.

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I hope April has been kind to you, and you continue to take care of yourself. Be blessed and stay well, and the Duke & Duchess and I will keep you in our hearts and in our very best thoughts. Here is to many miracles in May!

Your faithful friend in every oh-my-Lord-Maelstrom's-carriage-is-parked-beneath-my-bedroom-window! emergency,

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