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Hello again!
I hope your January has been glorious! My January has been full of work—some of it on Book 6 (wink wink!), more about that next month. But, in addition to all the efforts around the launch of Book 5, I have also been working on a special project. It’s a little bit secret, but for those of you who are interested in audio, this is definitely something for you. More about that in February!

And on the topic of audio, I have also done some vocal work in the studio on the side for a pianist who wanted lyrics and vocals for his song. You will see what the Duke & Duchess thought about that. (Ha!) :D So let’s get to the good stuff, 'cause I know you can't wait to see them...

In this edition of Tessa Candle Updates (remember these are all clickable hyperlinks): Raffle for $25 Amazon Gift Card! ; FreeBooks; Duke & Duchess Cuteness.

Raffle for $25 Amazon Gift Card

The new release is now live everywhere! Thank you for grabbing your copy of Parvenues & Paramours, Book 5 Two Lady Scoundrels and a Duke--especially if you are one of the lovely people who bought both the multi-author box set, and the single title release of Book 5, just so you could more easily find it in your library! I cannot tell you how encouraging and joy-inducing it is to know that you like to re-read my stories. :D Seriously, it made my whole month to hear that!

I wanted to do something extra nice for those of you who bought a single copy. And if you bought it on pre-order by accident and could not return it, I am so sorry :(. (Who knew that Apple were such jerks about pre-orders?) So as a thank-you/apology, I am doing another raffle for a 25 dollar gift card!

Since I did a raffle for folks who bought the box set back in October, I am going to be tricky and make this one just for the people who got the January single title release ;)

If you bought the January release of Two Lady Scoundrels and a Duke, please do go enter, because the last raffle only had 10 entries! :O


1) You usually only need to look up the chapter for my raffles, but this time you need to also look for the correct paragraph in order to find the right word. So it is: Chapter 15, Paragraph 2, Word 7. ;)

2) This will not work with the October 2019 box set version of Two Lady Scoundrels and a Duke. You have to have the single title version that released in January 2020. Soooo tricky! :D

Go read the rules and find out how to enter (it's easy) here:

If you have not got your copy yet, there is still time. Here are all the links :)

Two Lady Scoundrels and a Duke

(Some links are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Yippie!)

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Free Books!
(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Yippie!)

FREE books from Joanne Wadsworth, Laura Trentham, and Erica Ridley, and me:

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Duke & Duchess Cuteness

As I said, I recently laid down some vocal tracks for another musician. The Duke & Duchess were in on the recording session in the studio. I think they really liked it...

Obviously they loved my singing :D I know they love me anyway. And how could I not love them? They always have my back (and my pizza leftovers) <3

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So that's it for January: the month that would have flown by if it were not for acute wine-deprivation. :O There will definitely be champagne at midnight to toast the new release, and to toast you! Thanks for making the release so amazing, and for being a wonderful human being :) I could not keep doing this without you, so take good care of yourself, and here's to a festive February!

Your faithful friend in every how-did-I-end-up-in-this-carriage-race-between-the-Duke-of-Dreamy-and the-Marquess-of-Steamy? emergency,

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