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Hello again!
I hope your July has been unexpectedly excellent. As I mentioned in the email, we have been well here, but very busy with various things, including plant-wrangling.

Here is one of the gardening projects:

Mr. Candle brought her home one day ("Look what followed me home"). I have been feeding her tiny bits of beef ("Feed me, Seymour"), but now I can see she is quite good at attracting flies all on her own. Utterly fascinating to watch. :D (Yes, I do have Netflix. This is even better.) We told the Duke & Duchess not to get too close.

We have also been looking into rescuing another Samoyed dog (a street dog from Macedonia with such a sweet jubilant smile that her optimism broke my dog-loving heart), so D&D may have a new addition to their pack some day soonish :D What could possibly go wrong? :O I'll keep you posted.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy this month's Update, complete with another little Word Nerd treat from Eris :), and of course you get to see the Duke & Duchess' latest shenanigans and perils...

In this edition of Tessa Candle Updates: Word Nerd Fun; Duke & Duchess Cuteness.

Word Nerd Fun

For your lexicology-geeking pleasure, Eris, our Word Nerd in residence, has provided more weapons grade aspersions. These are perfect for those moments when you really need to give an earl a verbal thrashing. For good measure, there is one non-insult as well. :D Thank you again, Eris!

Epistemophilia: love of knowledge.
Gnashnab: complainer.
Snoutband: know-it-all person.
Ultracrepidarian: a presumptuous person.

In a sentence: It is easy for the gnashgab and the ultracrepidarian to mistake a person under the spell of epistemophilia for a mere snoutband.

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Duke & Duchess Cuteness

To recover from their ordeals in June, the Duke & Duchess have been unwinding by tramping about the countryside, visiting the "wildlife" and racing along the beaches...

The Duchess always wins.

Ah memories :D No matter how much she teases the Duke, the Duchess is not entirely comfortable around the sheep, either. But she is terribly curious about them. Not the cows, however. The cows are terrifying, fearsome dog-eating beasts to be avoided by all means.

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That's it for another month, so here's a fond goodbye to a beautiful July. I wish you an excellent next month, and that we all rise to the challenges in our lives—and suprise ourselves. Be well, and may your peace, love and joy be augmented in August!

Your faithful friend in every oh-dear-how-will-I-ever-retrieve-that-amethyst-broach-from-his-lordship's-codpiece-and-who-still-wears-a-codpiece-anyway? emergency,

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