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Warning: Contains delicious lords & face-punch-able villains.

"...grasps your attention from the first page to the very last... difficult to put down." –Aldine Crick, Good Reads reviewer

Will love deliver them from evil, or will secrets seal their doom?

Her father’s mad will sends Elizabeth far away from a sheltered life in the English countryside to her aunt and uncle's vineyard in Venetia, and into a household of neglect and apparent lunacy. The Viscount Canterbourne rescues Elizabeth from ruffians, and his mysterious story captivates her imagination even as his heroics and kindness captivate her heart.

But when she encounters the nightmarish Lord Orefados and realizes the mage has imprisoned a friend in the remains of an ancient abbey, Elizabeth hurtles into a maelstrom of peril and dark sorcery.

Lord Canterbourne is full of pain and questions at the loss of his estranged father. He hopes his father’s testamentary letter will explain all. Instead it sends him on a fool’s errand to deliver a box (which he must never open) to a man he has only ever seen once: shadowy, eccentric Lord Orefados.

With Elizabeth he shares an instant connection. Who else can understand his heart but a woman who has also been at the whim of paternal madness, a woman who also bears the stigma of a paternal oddity?

When he discovers his dark family history and a secret wrong against Elizabeth’s parents, however, Canterbourne fears he can never tell her the truth. Yet if he doesn’t, he could lose her to the ensorcellments of Orefados, whose obsession with an outlandish ritual is reaching a fever pitch.

Can seduction break the spell? Will love deliver them from evil, or will secrets seal their doom?

Accursed Abbey is a full length Steamy Regency Gothic Romance novel with supernatural magical elements and is Book 1 in the Nobles & Necromancy series.

Get your copy and escape into the shadowy fairytale of Gothic Regency!

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