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Warning: Contains delicious lords & face-punch-able villains.

Regency Romance with a modern sensibility Unique and totally relatable heroines, irresistible love interests, and a cast of family, friends and villains that thoroughly captivates. I adore Tessa Candle’s books." –Ev Bishop, USA Today bestselling author.

She gets a second chance at love for Christmas—all she has to do is rob a duke.

Her fall from grace leaves Katherine Blake dirt poor and friendless save for a stray dog. Some Christmas this will be. She cannot even pay the rent, and the nasty, insinuating land agent is getting more suggestive every time he visits. The worst part is watching Dog and her three French hens suffer alongside her, because she cannot scrape together enough food to get them through another winter.

Robbery is a desperate scheme, but what choice does she have? Then, under a frozen fairy moon, the blasted Duke of Foxleigh shows up to ruin her life all over again…

An unhappy decision lies before the discontented Duke of Foxleigh. Shall he stay in London and endure a miserable Yuletide, plagued by his scheming ex-mistress, or shall he accept his friend’s invitation and spend Christmas at Blackwood Estate in good company, but subjected to the relentless spectacle of everyone else’s beatific domestic happiness? When a snowstorm threatens to halt his carriage ride to the country, he begins to think he made the wrong choice. Then a group of highwaymen drive him off the road, entirely. Merry ruddy Christmas, Foxleigh. Here’s your knock on the head!

Being held up a second time is beyond the pale, but when he awakens in the ramshackle cottage of a strangely familiar woman, he realizes his robber is really his savior, and none other than the long lost love of his life, Katherine. It is a miracle, and he intends make the most of his second chance, but then his ex-mistress shows up to ruin his life all over again…

Four falling turds, three French hens, two curdled loves, and a duke (in a pear tree).

Two Lady Scoundrels and a Duke (In a Pear Tree) is a Steamy Regency Romance Christmas novella and Book 5 in the Parvenues & Paramours series. You can read it as a standalone, but you will want to read more. Bedroom doors wide open—but not until the characters have earned it.

You will love this book, because you crave that witty Regency banter but still want strong, unconventional heroines and a peek into the boudoir. Is that too much to ask? Of course not! Go get your rollicking Regency Romance Christmas Escape now…

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